004: Any Lab Test Now Franchisee Sarah Toney on How to Transition from Employee to Franchise Owner

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Sarah and Sean Toney own and operate the Any Lab Test Now franchise locations in the Austin and Dallas, Texas area. Sarah’s  entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the healthcare industry, set them on the path to open their first franchise in 2008 and Sarah currently serves on the franchise advisory board for Any Lab Test Now.

While her family and kids are Sarah’s first priority another big accomplishment is seeing the success and growth of their business.

“The daily grind of running a successful business takes a lot of mental and physical energy. No day is the same, you have much more flexibility than you were working for others but you must never stop learning,” according to Sarah.

Recent awards include the Top Franchisee of the Year award at Any Lab Test Now.

Sarah believes that anyone wanting to open a franchise must have faith and self confidence first and foremost.

While Sarah and her husband, Sean, both had great jobs in sales of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, they felt that business ownership would be better for their family. How to find the best vehicle to make the transition was step one, then they had to work on the timing to ensure family income stability. Listen in to hear how Any Lab Test Now franchising fit in their plans.

Motto or Quote that Keeps Sarah Going

  • Sarah’s Dad always told her, “Don’t let business get personal.” She often recalls that great advice when negotiating with vendors or employees. While it’s easy to build close bonds with those she deals with daily, she strives to remember this when problems arise and she’s forced to make great decisions.

Software or Business Resources

  • Google AdWords – Pay-Per-Click Advertising Programs to Generate Walk-In Customers
  • Constant Contact – Email Mail Management, Advertising, and Campaign Management
  • Google Drive – Cloud Storage Providing Easy Access to All Your Information from Any Platform at Any Location.

Favorite Business Book

The Educated Franchisee by Rick Bisio Provides ideas and tips on finding and investing in a franchise.

A  ‘must read’ for anyone thinking about or actively pursuing a franchise business.

Franchise System Profile and Link  Any Lab  Test Now Logo

ANY LAB TEST NOW® is the first direct access lab testing services company, allowing individuals to take control of monitoring their own health with 150+ store-front labs across the U.S. and growing!

Franchisees make it easy for consumers to manage their health by providing direct access to clinical lab tests, paternity and other DNA family relationship tests, drug, alcohol and other toxicology testing services. Businesses utilize substance abuse testing services to ensure a safe work environment.

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