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Our goal is to make our podcasts and this website the most useful tools available for those interested in investing in their own franchise. Based on our combined 60+ years experience in franchising, we believe there’s not a lot that we haven’t experienced, either directly or through our clients or friends in franchising, banking, accounting and the law.

To challenge that belief, we’re interviewing franchisees who put their key in the door of their franchise every day. They share their stories of how they searched, evaluated, financed and opened their first franchise so that you can use these ideas as you set your course through the myriad of franchisors offering ownership opportunities today.

Still, to offer you, and your peers, the best information available on the internet, we need your help.

What are the roadblocks you’re facing in your quest to become a franchise entrepreneur? What can we do to help? Is there a question you wish we’d pose to our guests? Would you suggest a Franchise System whose franchisees might make a good interview? Do you have a question related to your specific situation? Complete the form below and we’ll do our best to reply within 24 hours.

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If you’re a Franchisee or a Franchisor who would like to be (or to suggest) a guest, please use this form:

Guests will have a short introductory call to help them understand that our goal is helping first-time buyers make the right franchise investment decision for their needs. Then we’ll schedule a 1-hour block of time when we’ll connect via Skype for our interview which will be edited for a better listening experience for our subscribers.

To ensure radio-quality sound we ask guests to use a headset and microphone on our Skype interview. 

Complete the form below and we’ll do our best to reply within 24 hours.

  • Enter your First Name and the First Initial of your Last Name
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  • Enter the name of a Franchise System that you'd like to know more about. We'll try to schedule an interview with a franchisee from that system.

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