Episode 000: Start Here

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If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own business, The Franchise Doctor would like to guide you in evaluating what causes hundreds of thousands of Americans to own a Franchise, – or 2, – or 3! This podcast will provide insiders’ secrets to the franchise buying process.

Tune in to get the doctor’s advice on how to evaluate franchises, “read between the lines,” and then reach a decision on what’s the right system for you to join. Also hear what hundreds of successful franchisees did when they searched for their first venture. Review dozens of resources that will help ensure your future prosperity.

Get the Benefit of The Franchise Doctor’s 30+ years in Franchising… FREE!  This is our Podcast–25 to 35-minute Recordings–much like a mini-radio show for you to play ON DEMAND– to listen to as you eat lunch, exercise, ride to work, cook dinner–whenever you have a few minutes to move ahead on your journey to Franchise Ownership.

“How to Buy Your Best Franchise” is the podcast that will help you develop your own roadmap to success as a franchise owner.